Prescription Freedom Review by Nicholas Culpeper

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Prescription Freedom Review


The pharmaceutical industry has a tight grip on the American people and other first-world cultures who rely on modern medicine to solve their health problems. This might not seem like a problem, but there are some people out there who believe that prescription medications and modern medical treatments do more harm than good. This is backed up by long lists of side effects that accompany typical medications. It’s a theory also supported by the number of reported deaths that are linked to prescription pills.


According to statistics, prescription medications are killing around 50,000 Americans each year while countless others suffer from debilitating side effects. Due to this disturbing data, more people are looking for natural and effective ways to cure their health problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, Prescription Freedom was created.


This product claims to offer a way to help people successfully cure their various health problems using natural methods that they can do on their own at home. By following the Prescription Freedom program, the developers claim that people will be able to eliminate all of their medications and live a perfectly healthy life free from ailments. These problems include aches and pains, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, high cholesterol, weight problems, and similar conditions that are normally treated under a doctor.


These claims are bold but enticing considering so many people’s wariness of prescription medication. The idea of being able to move away from harmful and expensive medications might be enough of a reason to try Prescription Freedom but to help you make an informed purchase decision and better understand the product this Prescription Freedom review was compiled. The Prescription Freedom review will outline what the program entails, the pros and cons of the product, and any bonuses that you’ll receive upon purchasing the product.



Prescription Freedom is a downloadable eBook that outlines an all-natural lifestyle that you can follow to supposedly cure your health problems and allow you to lead a healthy and energetic life. The program is supposed to help reverse any problems you’re dealing with in a natural way that will allow you to stop taking prescription medications. The same program says that it will also help you stay healthy and have more energy in your daily life. It claims to do this naturally without pills, holistic treatments, or procedures like acupuncture.

The program says that it can help people who suffer from back pain and other aches and pains, insomnia, asthma, depression, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Since the program also claims to help restore energy levels, people can also expect to lose weight.


The Content of Prescription Freedom

Inside Prescription Freedom you’ll find the all-natural methods that you have to follow in order to break free of prescription medications and return your body to complete health. These methods were developed through tiresome trial and error with natural herbs and foods that were once considered to be the main treatments for things like pains, vertigo, poison in the bloodstream, and even blood clotting.


The methods follow the research done by Nicholas Culpeper, author of a natural medicine book called “Culpeper’s Herbal” and work done by Dr. Michael Tierra, a doctor who tirelessly researched natural healing remedies to create successful treatments for common medical problems. It basically compiled all effective cures from multiple cultures including India, China, and Native American tribes after they were tested out for effectiveness.


Prescription Freedom merged those natural healing techniques with advice and methods from dieticians to come up with a complete plan to reverse illnesses and maintain a healthy mind and body.


The eBook talks about how modern societies are based in toxic environments due to things like plastic products, poor air quality, processed foods, and the like. The program also tells you how to strip your life of those toxins to maintain better health.


The program provides step-by-step guidance to help you figure out exactly what you have to do to improve your health and maintain it. It will also give you a better understanding of your ailments so you can treat it effectively.


Prescription Freedom’s method is also said to be free of negative side effects. It claims that the only things people will experience are the benefits of higher energy levels, reduced pain, a sense of calm, better weight management, and an improved mood.


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All products have their pros and cons and Prescription Freedom is no exception. Based on the information found to compile this review, it’s apparent that the program’s claims to cure illnesses without medication or harmful side effects is its main drawing factor.Another pro is that you receive the product as soon as you purchase it since it’s a downloadable eBook and not a physical product that has to be shipped. It is also compatible with multiple devices so you can use it on your laptop, tablet, or even on your smartphone. The program also comes with three bonus eBooks for no additional charge.


Prescription Freedom is currently being sold for $47 which is a reasonable price but the real draw here is that the product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You can get a full refund within two months of purchasing the program by simply contacting customer service and requesting your money back. You will be able to try out the program and if you see it doesn’t work for you or doesn’t fit your life, you can get your money back. There is no risk involved.


As for the drawbacks, the program seems to be a bit vague based on the information on their website. There is no way to tell whether this is a diet plan or if you’ll need to track down hard-to-find herbs or supplements. The only way to really know what the program entails is to buy it and see for yourself. Similarly, it seems like you might have to follow the program to the letter in order to get the desired effects. If you deviate from the guide you might not get the results you’re looking for.



An obvious bonus is the money-back guarantee, but there are also bonus eBooks that come with your purchase. For no additional charge you get three eBooks, “Turn Back the Clock – Special Report,” “The All-Natural Immune System Booster,” and “Wake Up Winning.”


The first bonus book is a guide that helps you prevent some of the signs of aging. It also has information to help you live longer and have more energy.


The second book will give you natural ways to improve your immune system. This will help you stay healthy and keep your body free of toxins and harmful pathogens.


The third bonus book will teach you techniques and tricks that will help you naturally boost your energy as well as your mood so that you can start each day with energy and motivation.


All of the bonus books are available only to people who purchase the Prescription Freedom program. They are also available immediately upon purchase and are compatible across multiple devices.


Final Verdict

Now that you’ve read the complete Prescription Freedom review, you can make an informed purchase decision on your own. From the information presented, it’s clear that Prescription Freedom has pros and cons. However, after reading all of the available information, it seems like Prescription Freedom is worth a try. You can purchase the program, try it out for two months, and then return it for a full refund if you don’t like it. There is no risk in purchasing the program and trying it out for yourself.


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