Erection Amplifier Program Review

Erection Amplifier Program

Erection Amplifier Program Review


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is much more common than people tend to let on. This is a medical issue where men find it difficult to gain and hold a strong erection on a consistent basis. There are legitimate physical and psychological reasons that accompany ED and a number of ways available to handle the condition, but each has their own setbacks and considerations that need to be assessed.


In order for a man to naturally get a full and powerful erection there needs to be proper blood flow along with balanced hormones and a proper nervous supply. These three physical components have to be addressed in order for a man to properly handle his ED and treat it fully and permanently. In addition to that, there are psychological issues that can further exacerbate the physical condition. When a man begins to experience ED it can cause psychological stress, self-doubt, and cause feelings of inadequacy. This can make any sexual encounter or even nonsexual intimacy stressful because the man will constantly worry about his inability to please his partner. This can ruin relationships and end long-time marriages if it isn’t handled.


Most men who suffer from ED will turn to their doctors first. There, they’ll usually get prescriptions for male enhancement supplements or and popular pharmaceuticals that have taken over the market. These pills will provide men with relief, but it isn’t a permanent solution. The pills will be necessary every day. This doesn’t cure ED it merely masks it. Men who take those pills become dependent on them as they’ll be unable to get an erection without their medication.


There are also gadgets on the market that men can use to physically manipulate their penis to gain an erection. These are generally referred to as penis pumps. Not only do these lack long-term results, they’re also cumbersome to use and can take the romance out of every sexual interaction. Think about it, the man in question has to run to pump up his penis in order to please his partner. That can take the romance out of any situation quite quickly and do more psychological damage to the man making his ED worse.


All of this might sound discouraging if you’re dealing with your own ED, but there is hope for you yet. If you don’t want to turn to costly medications or frustrating tools, you can try the Erection Amplifier Program. This is a lifestyle plan that doesn’t require any pills or gadgets. It’s also said to provide a permanent solution to ED that will allow you to naturally get and maintain an erection whenever you’d like. This can help keep your partner satisfied and help you feel like the virile man you know you are. This Erection Amplifier Program review aims to tell you about the program including its price so you can make an informed purchase decision.



The Erection Amplifier Program is an eBook that you can download upon purchasing it off the website. The book explains a series of exercises, tips, and lifestyle changes that you have to make in order to reverse the causes of your ED. By following the techniques in the eBook the creators of the program believe that you can reverse your ED and get back to enjoying natural erections for the length of your sexual life.


This is an all-natural system that won’t cause harmful side effects. For example, supplements and prescription drugs that are used to treat ED can cause chemical dependencies (you won’t get an erection without your pills!) and can cause internal problems like chest pains and heart palpitations even if you’ve been given a clean bill of health by your doctor. Pills can also cause an imbalance in your hormones which will cause more problems down the road including worse ED.


The Erection Amplifier Program is meant to naturally increase the blood flow to your penis without any additional elements. The program was developed using practices from Chinese medicine that are designed to flood the capillaries in your penis and surrounding tissue with blood. This is done because the capillaries in the pelvic area can easily fill up with plaque due to poor diets and lifestyle choices. When this buildup occurs, it cuts down on the blood flow to the penis and leads to ED. The lifestyle changes in the Erection Amplifier Program will clear up plaque and allow blood to flow naturally again.


The book outlines a 30-day program that will provide you with daily exercises to do along with a diet plan for you to follow. There will also be lifestyle changes outlined that are designed to help you deal with stress and anxiety. You don’t need to buy additional tools or supplements and all of the foods that are associated with the diet are readily available at local grocery stores. In general, the program promises three things:

· Erections on demand

· Firmer erections with more girth

· Utterly satisfying sex life for you and your partner


The developers say that there are no adverse side effects to the program and guarantee success making this program worth a try. Think about it in terms of working out versus taking steroids for muscle gain. Steroids are a shortcut that can cause harm to the body while exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will allow for natural muscle growth. The same logic is used for the Erection Amplifier Program.


How it Works

You have to exercise your penis to keep it in proper working order as much as you have to exercise to keep your muscles healthy. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to perform weight-lifting exercises with your penis as you would with your arms or legs, but it does mean that you have to maintain the health of your penis to keep it functioning properly.


This program shows you simple daily exercises that you can do to increase circulation to your penis and reverse your ED. These exercises require nothing more but your time and can be done easily at home. For example, the eBook suggests daily Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Simply squeezing and releasing the muscles in five-second intervals 10 times a day can help you build up strength and help you last longer during sex. Another technique known as the Action Jackson is supposed to be performed two times a day in order to loosen up the tissue that your penis is made up of. This is done in order to allow for expansion when blood flows to the area. By increasing the potential for tissue expansion you’ll be able to achieve a bigger erection and stimulate more girth.


The diet plan that goes along with the Erection Amplifier Program is meant to make you healthier. A diet of processed foods leads to plaque buildup in your body, especially in the capillaries surrounding your penis. As it’s been said, this plaque will limit the circulation of blood to the area and prevent erections. The diet will help clear up the plaque and prevent plaque from forming again which will keep your blood flowing steadily. With proper circulation restored, there is nothing standing in your way to achieving and maintain an erection. This is what makes the program a long-term solution instead of a quick fix. There are no special foods or supplement powders that you’ll need to live on in order to follow the diet. It is a natural meal plan that you can follow easily by shopping at your local grocery store.


There are also mental exercises that will help you overcome any fear or self-doubt regarding your sexual ability. Men with ED can sometimes become psychologically harmed by their inability to achieve an erection and keep their partner satisfied. This is addressed within the program to help you regain your confidence. There are no odd meditation requirements or stretching, just ways to help you decompress.


There are also some lifestyle tips that you’ll be asked to do that may seem silly and simple but will help you in the long run. An example of those tips are:

· Use disinfectant mouthwash three times a day to treat or prevent gum disease (which harms blood flow)

· Use coconut oil during masturbation to increase the sensitivity of your penis

In addition, the program also says you’ll benefit from the following:

· Increased longevity during sex

· More intense orgasms

· Tips for lasting even after orgasming

· Different position ideas for additional pleasure


The program isn’t a script that you need to follow during sex. You can have sex any way you please without following patterns or specifically designed positions. All you have to do is enjoy natural erections and take satisfaction in pleasing your partner and yourself.


Pros and Cons

The pros of the program are the permanent results that it promises. You won’t have to worry about relying on anything else but your own body in order to get and maintain an erection. You also won’t have to spend any additional money on continuous prescriptions or tools. The plan is also all natural so you won’t have to worry about side effects or other health concerns. It won’t even interfere with preexisting conditions or medications.


Once you purchase the program you can download it immediately and start using it right away. It is available to use on multiple devices including smartphones and tablets. You also get a 60-day money back guarantee with your purchase.


The only drawback to the program can be the fact that it is a lifestyle change which can take willpower and effort to follow. This is not the same as quickly taking a pill for help in the time being. You have to follow the plan and keep with it in order to get the permanent results you’re looking for. However, if you truly want to reverse your ED and experience sexual pleasure again, this probably won’t deter you.


Bonuses and Price

The normal price of the Erection Amplifier Program is $127 but there is a sale price of $67 available through the website. You also get a 60-day money back guarantee that will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked if you don’t like the program or think it doesn’t work for you.


Along with the main program, you’ll also receive two free eBooks, “50 is the New 25” and “Grey Wolf’s Guide to Being a More Manly Man.” These books will help you be a better lover and help you navigate your way through the sexual landscape of people who are no longer in their 20s. These additional books won’t cost you any extra but have the potential of helping better your sex life.



All in all, this Erection Amplifier Program review has proven that the program is quite affordable considering that it’s a one-time purchase that offers permanent help. You won’t have to keep spending money on prescriptions or over-the-counter supplements. Additionally, the program is all-natural and won’t harm your health. There are also thousands of success stories, according to the company’s website which means that people have seen the results that the program claims. Couple all of this information with the money-back guarantee and you really have nothing to lose by trying the Erection Amplifier Program for yourself.

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