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 ED Reverser Review


Are there simple ways to cure erectile dysfunction (ED) without resorting to any drugs or expensive testosterone treatments? Max Miller’s ED Reverser e-book claims to show you a simple, natural and safe technique that will help you overcome ED. It is a step-by-step guide to help you attain rock solid erections. Let’s discover the ED reverser review now.


Product Name: ED Reverser

Author Name: Max Miller

Official Website: CLICK HERE


what is ed reverser?

Although Max claims that his solution produces excellent results, it only requires you to buy a few supplements containing enzymes, proteins, and amino acids. You can get them at your local drugstore for about $15. After that, it’s just a question of taking the right combination of common foods and specific supplements.


In his e-book, Max gives detailed information about dosages and when to take each supplement. It’s a 14-day program and if you stick to it, he claims that you are permanently cured of ED. You will also be able to perform much better during sex and your sexual ability will remain strong throughout your life.


It’s quite possible that you are a bit skeptical about the whole thing. You have probably seen products like this before that make tall claims but are nothing but hoaxes. However, considering that ED is a serious issue, it’s definitely worth checking if this book is just another one of those junk products taking advantage of people’s misery or there is some substance in it. Before we do that, let’s understand the biology behind erections.


The Science Behind Erections:

Like many other functions in your body, the chain of events that trigger an erection start in your brain. During sexual arousal, your brain sends messages to the nerves in the penis, which release nitric oxide. This causes the relaxation of the smooth muscles, which in turn lead to opening up of the arteries and closing of the veins in the penis. This allows more blood to flow in but prevents it from flowing out. As a result, the penis swells up with blood and that’s how you get an erection. One thing is sure: the sales video seems to have the medical facts right.


When Does Erectile Dysfunction Occur?

ED occurs when one or more of the chain of events that cause the erection is disrupted. It could be a lack of arousal, too much stress, information is not traveling from the brain to the penis or some other factor related to blood flow or the anatomy of the penis itself. Whatever be the cause, the result is that you are not able to achieve or sustain a proper erection or you may not be able to achieve one at all.


For most older men with ED, the problem occurs due to reduced blood flow as a result of constriction of the arteries of the penis, but ED is usually a result of a combination of factors, including emotional factors. All of them must be addressed before you can expect significant improvements. It is, therefore, important to see your doctor. You doctor will listen to your symptoms, examine you, answer your queries and clear your doubts before arriving at any diagnosis or recommending any solution. Treatment for ED symptoms is definitely available, but is a cure really possible?


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Is it possible to cure ED?

Well, it is possible in some cases, but not always. From the previous section, it is obvious that rather than being the problem itself, ED is a symptom of underlying problems. Whether a cure is possible depends on the exact cause and that may differ from one person to another. So, a solution that works for one person may produce no improvement in another.


For example, for a person with impaired blood circulation, a nitric oxide supplement may help, but the same treatment will have no effect on you if the main cause of ED in your case is stress. Instead, in your case, reducing stress is more likely to have a positive effect. Now that we have understood what ED is all about and what the chances of a cure are, it’s time to check if Max Miller’s E D Reverser e-book has anything that can produce some improvement in your case.


ed reverser plan


The contents of the ED Reverser e-book:

At the beginning of the video, Max says that it takes just five minutes, but the video is actually much longer. It does not tell much about ED itself. Apart from the information that the e-book gives you a list of easily available supplements, their dosage and when to take them, it does not tell much about the contents of the e-book. However, the question remains whether amino acids, enzyme, and protein supplements have any impact on ED.


The thickening of arterial walls (atherosclerosis), vascular diseases, kidney problems, diabetes and neurological issues are the causes of ED in about 70% of patients. It can also occur due to the side effects of some drugs. In this case, it can be a serious problem that needs medical attention. Hence, it is not advisable to start any ED treatment without consulting a physician.


There is some evidence that the amino acid arginine increases the levels of nitric oxide in the body and it may be effective in treating ED for some people. Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba may also have some beneficial effects. Other than these, there are hardly any natural substances that are proven to be effective in clinical research.


Considering that nothing much is known about the contents of the e-book, it’s quite probable that we have just given you more information about ED and its causes in this article than what is provided in the ED Reverser e-book itself. The e-book costs just $37 and it can be downloaded as soon as you make payment.


Can Max Miller’s method cure your ED?

The video is like most sales videos, long, but not very informative. The author doesn’t tell much about the contents of the e-book in the video and hence, it is not possible to gauge what the whole solution is unless you buy the ED Reverser book yourself. That said, it’s not a bad idea because it just costs just $37. Considering that ED can be caused due to very different underlying problems and the same solution may not work for all, it is essential that you consult your doctor before you start any type of treatment for ED.


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