12 Foods To Avoid With Hypothyroidism


Foods To Avoid With Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition caused by the improper functioning of the thyroid glands, which results in less production of thyroid hormones, especially thyroxine, and triiodothyronine. These hormones help in the intake of nutrients, regulating body temperature, maintaining proper weight, heart rate, and metabolic functions, and producing energy.

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9 Proven Ways on How to Get Whiter Skin

How to get Whiter Skin

How to Get Whiter Skin

It’s a no-brainer that white or fairer skins are regarded as a prerequisite of beauty today. This has made the practice of how to get whiter skin one of the current most popular activities as far as beauty is concerned. Unfortunately, a majority of counsels provided today regarding skin whiteners are fabricated and misguided. Besides, tons of attempts and products widely recommended for the practice put little or no consideration for effectiveness or safety.

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The 3 Week Diet Review By Brian Platt

The 3 Week Diet Review

If you are looking to lose stubborn fat in a short span of time, the 3-week Diet Plan by Brian Flatt is perhaps the most scientific method that you can follow. Brian Flatt, head coach, sports nutritionist and personal trainer, has come up with a unique online weight reduction program that lasts for 21 days. The program not only helps you to lose weight (12 to 23 pounds) but also assists in building up lean muscle in your body.

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