10 Sure Ways On how to Get Rock Hard Erections

Rock Hard Erections

How to Get Rock Hard Erections


There is nothing more important to any man than his manhood. If only ladies knew the fears men go through when they think of their manhood as being small or having a premature ejaculation they would be astonished. Well, that is the reality; that manhood that everyone enjoys has to be well taken care of. In a quest to finds a way to enhance their erectile functions, men have turned to the many of the modern conventional ways. All over the internet, through print and other media, men are daily being lured into acquiring maybe a special kind of cream or pills to enhance their erection.


Well, getting a hard rock erection is not the problem here but the issue is maintaining it. While some of these medications may work on getting you a two-hour erection, they always come with side effects which may lead to you never having an erection at all. So what do you do if you think you have erectile problems or simply have shorter erections?


The erectile functions of the penis are mainly influenced by the state of the mind and the flow of the blood in the body. While most of the drugs you take may increase the flow of the blood for a while, it will not last and, as a result, affect the normal flow of the blood. On the contrary, there are many natural factors you can put in place to get you that rock hard erection without any struggle or side effects. If you really want that lasting erection, note these tips down carefully.



If you are used to junking foods, not even an erection pill will help you. You need to change your diet to healthy foods that will boost the performance of your heart. In general, we all know cholesterol is not healthy for our bodies. Avoid foods high in fats or those that are difficult to digest when you know you have an intimate time coming soon. There are many ways to eat healthily but the surest way is to ensure that you take more fluids and vegetables. The other aspects of your diet can be balanced accordingly.



The position you take determines the rate of flow of blood in your body. If you position yourself to have a maximum blood flow rate you get to enhance your erection and the erection period. It is advised that the man should be on top or stand for maximum erection. What about positioning your partner at the edge of the bed with legs hanging over? This way, you get the chance to stand and perform your duties well.



You are probably stressed because of a situation in your life. While being stressed is normal, getting stressed too much will affect your erectile performance. Medical research shows that high anxiety and stress can be a big problem on your hardening. Stress on its own can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol which may, in turn, lead to heart disease. All these will affect the erection one way or another.



If premature ejaculation is your main issue, then you should get used to wearing condoms. Condoms reduce sensitivity and as a result, the erection gets to last longer. If you don’t need to use a condom on your lady then you must learn the art of having a mental tour during the action. Get your mind off from the activity if you realize that you might lose your control. This way, your hard earned erection may stay a little longer and make mama happy.



Well, it is not like you hang your testicles to be heated by the sun or anything like that. The testicles need to remain in a cool condition to enhance the secretion of sperm. The most common mistake most men do is to bath with hot water or place their laptops on their laps. Although it is called a laptop, research shows that the heat it generates will not only cause harm to your sperm but also your erection.


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Some of the medication you take may cause you erectile dysfunction. Drugs used for diseases such as depression, OCD, social phobia, and anxiety are just but a few to mention. If you are taking any of this medication you must talk to your doctor to find a way out or otherwise you may lose your most valuable asset in case you get over medicated.



Yes, there is a relationship between gum disease and erection dysfunctional. Medics say that since gum disease is mostly related to heat problems. It also affects the manhood in a dangerous way. The only sure way of protecting our gums is by brushing our teeth daily.



When you do plenty of abdominal exercises you get to harden the abdominal muscle so that they can help you hold an erection rather than hold your bell. In general, being in shape is very important for your sex life since it boosts your confidence. Once you are confident and without panic, the erection comes out naturally since you feel good about yourself. Otherwise, you may also try giving your penis some exercise with the kegel exercise. Although we are not sure if it really enlarges the penis, it is a good way to enhance your erection.



Smokers won’t love it but it is the reality. Smoking affects your blood circulation. If you want to get down really well the blood needs to be flowing. It is not only the smokers that are affected but also the alcoholics. Alcohol numbs the wiener and may lead to the inflation of the prostrate in the long run. You can take a little alcohol but be cautious.



If you have ever needed a reason as to why not to masturbate then you have it. Well, medically most men can masturbate once daily without any erection dysfunction. However frequent masturbation, especially the hard one may cause the penis to lose sensitivity. If you are going to masturbate, you must learn the right way to do it without harming yourself. Otherwise, you might just choose to save your money-shot for you lady.


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